Principals of Box Elder High School

Name Years
Andrew C. Neff 1905 – 1909
Albert M. Merrill 1910 – 1917
F.A. Hinckley 1917 – 1943
Alf L. Freeman 1943 – 1954
Edward W. Payne 1954 – 1968
Carroll C. Nichols 1968 – 1984
Jay C. Stuart 1984 – 1996
Earl B. Swenson 1997 – 2000
Darrell Eddington 2000 – 2013
Gary Allen 2013 – Present

Interesting note: Jane Sumida Gomez was secretary to five of the nine principals. She graduated from Box Elder High School in 1962 and attended Weber State College and night school and had enough hours for her Associates Degree. She began work in the fall of 1963 under Principal Edward W. Payne. She continued to work under four more principals and retired in 2005 with over 40 years as the Principal’s Secretary but was more of an Administrative Assistant to the five principals she served. Her assistance has been of exceptional help in compiling historical information on Box Elder High School for this project.
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