Homecoming Dedicatees

In 1976 John Wayman, a teacher, was chosen as the first homecoming dedicatee. It was the decision of the students and faculty to recognize an individual, or individuals, who had demonstrated a positive and supportive influence at the school. Normally the dedicatees have been faculty members, administrators, or other adults who have been role models and good examples to the students.
Box Elder High School Homecoming Dedicatees

1976 John Wayman
1977 Wes Boman
1978 Woody Hansen
1979 Von Ritchie
1980 Earl Swenson
1981 Edward Payne
1982 Jane Gomez
1983 Carroll Nichols
1984 Bruce Keyes
1985 Steven Leggett
1986 Keith Johnsen
1987 Bob Breitenbeker
1988 Richard & Emily Williams
1989 Don Peart
1990 Ellis Wood
1991 Larry Findley
1992 Melanie Holmgren
1993 Jay Stuart
1994 Sam Gordon
1995 Gordon Peterson
1996 Scott Nelson
1997 Michael Madeo
1998 Reid Goldsberry
1999 Gary Allen
2000 Michelle Mund
2001 Chris Larson
2002 James Fuller
2003 David Yates
2004 Robert Cefalo
2005 Kent Taylor
2006 Ron Cefalo
2007 Richard Wight
2008 Gardner Jeppsen
2009 Wes Roesler
2010 PTSA Presidents
2011 Lori Butler
2012 Norm Nelson
2013 Darrell Eddington
2015 Keith Mecham


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