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As the Brigham City Mercantile and Manufacturing Association, known as the Co-op, gradually closed its business and manufacturing operations, they were sold to private owners, often to individuals who had originally been in the business, or to those who had been supervisors or employed within departments. Some businesses were transitory, lasting only a few years, while others formed in this period lasted more than a century, and contributed not only to the city’s economy but also to its history.


Planing Mill
Baron Woolen Mill
Grist Mill
Bott Monument
Compton’s Photography Studio
William Horsley and Sons
Charles W. Knudson
R. L. Fishburn
Rosenbaum Hall
Lumber and Hardware Stores
Furniture Companies
Ice and Ice Cream
19th Century Transportation
Box Elder County Newspapers
In addition to these long-lasting businesses, there were more which opened and closed from the closing of the Co-op to 1900, and it is impossible to list them all. Brigham City’s first newspaper, the Brigham Bugler, published its first issue on June 14, 1890, listing 50 businesses in existence at that time. With a few added notations, they areBrigham Bugler, (Brigham City: June 14, 1890), 1. :

  • Brigham City Mercantile and Manufacturing Association (the Co-op) had sold off most of its manufacturing operations, but still had its general store, with six to ten employees. The store was located in the Social Hall at Forest Street and First West until the grand opening of the new three-story brick building on the corner of Main Street and Forest Street on May 25, 1891. At this time, A. E. Snow is listed as superintendent.
  • Box Elder Stock and Mercantile Company, known as “The Hardware”, was managed by A. H. Snow.
  • Boothe and Peirce Store, located just south of the Court House.
  • The Bank of Brigham City, O.G. Snow, president, and John D. Peters as cashier.
  • Brigham City Music Company, R. L. Fishburn, proprietor.
  • Utah Loan and Trust Company, with R. H. Jones as manager.
  • McMaster and Forsgren, carpenters and building contracting firm.
  • Implements and Hardware, N.C. Mortensen.
  • Merchandising, John Christensen, proprietor.
  • Central Meat Market, J. F. Erdman.
  • City Bakery, Peter J. Koford, also ice cream and summer drinks.
  • James Knudsen and Brothers, ice cream drinks, confectionary, Main Street
  • Alma W. Compton, photography.
  • Harness maker, H. E. Bowring, Forest Street.
  • Furniture, J. C. Nielson and Company.
  • Ice cream parlor, A. J. Munns, Main Street.
  • Loveland’s livery stable, Forest Street, purchased by W. H. Glover in 1896.
  • Tailor, H.C.Christensen (or Christiansen), employed six to ten workmen.
  • Tailor, A. Stratford.
  • Tailor, C. M. Borgstrom.
  • Anderson & Company “Cheap Store”, J. Anderson, proprieter.
  • Wilson’s Saloon, R. K. Wilson, proprietor.
  • Workingmen’s Co-op, boots and shoes, J. C. Nielson, N. Peterson and other owners.
  • Charles Kelly, pioneer shoemaker.
  • Mrs. Ann Boden, candy, West Forest.
  • Furniture, Elias Jensen, proprietor.
  • Groceries and Dry Goods, E. A. Box, proprietor.
  • Jeweler, L,C.Christensen.
  • Milliner, Mrs. Emma Lordgreen.
  • Jewelry, N. P. Hansen.
  • Groceries, Jens C. Gasberg.
  • Groceries and Dry Goods, George Gidney.
  • Box Elder Meat Market.
  • William Horsley and Sons, produce and merchandise.
  • Blacksmith shops, Co-op, Joseph Packer and H. Smith.
  • Tinner, J. G. Landick.
  • Nursery, J. W. Walker.
  • Dentist, Dr. Berg.
  • Physician and Surgeon, C. H. Davidson.
  • Dr. J.B. Carrington, M.D.
  • William Reeves, electric practitioner.
  • Charley Chong, Idaho Chinese Doctor.
  • Chinese Laundry.
  • Attorneys, R. H. Jones and B. H. Jones.
  • Lawyer, J. M. Cooms.
  • Lawyer, A. Heed.
  • Barber, Lewis Berg.
  • Box Elder Flour Mill Company.

Some of the more stable of these businesses were owned and/or operated by current and future public and business leaders, who also erected downtown buildings which are still in use.



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