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Brigham City Frequently Asked Questions

When was Brigham City settled?

Brigham city was permanently settled by Caucasian settlers in 1851. Brigham City was officially incorporated in 1867.
Previously, the area that became Brigham City was inhabited by Shoshone people on a seasonal basis.

Who founded Brigham City?

Brigham City was founded in 1851, and was initially settled by 8 families. William Davis came in 1850 to explore the area, and began work to allow him to settle the area the following spring.

Why have I heard that Lorenzo Snow settled Brigham City?

In October, 1853, LDS Church President Brigham Young called Lorenzo Snow to take 50 families with him to augment the settlement then called Box Elder. Many of them, including Lorenzo Snow, did not take up permanent residence in Brigham City until much later.

When was the name changed to Brigham City?

January 1867, when the town was officially incorporated.

Was the Co-op, or Brigham City Mercantile and Manufacturing Association, part of the United Order?

That depends on how you define that. Lorenzo Snow saw it as a stepping stone, with the United Order as the goal,1Journal of Discourses, Volume 16, 276. although he did sometimes refer to it as the United Order.Eliza R. Snow Smith. Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow. p. 298. Members of the Brigham City Co-op did not practice the Law of Consecration, and employees received wages based on the work they performed.

When did Brigham City get electricity?

Electric power came to Brigham on February 11, 1892.

When were the trees planted that once lined Forest Street?

They were planted in 1878.



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