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Book of the Pioneers, 1897
This book was created as a semi-centennial project in 1897, and is “a record of those who arrived in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake during the year 1847; including the names, ages, autographs and places of residence of all known survivors on July 24, 1897.” In it you will find the names, ages, place of residence, signatures, etc., of original pioneers then still alive.
Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah (1913)
This book includes information on Pioneers (i.e., those who came before the railroad), and prominent men (politicians, judges, and religious leaders). The arrangement is by company of arrival. In total, it includes nearly 6,000 portraits (index begins page 14), as well as genealogies. (Editor’s note: it does not seem to be complete.)
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database
This database (searchable by name or company), includes birth and death dates, age at time of travel, company traveled with, and links to other information.
Mormon Migration
If your pioneer of interest crossed the ocean to America, you can find which ship they were on, where they came from, etc. here.


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