Henrich Kotter

Henrich Herman Ludvig Kotter was born on November 20, 1837, in Haustenbeck, Lippe, Germany, to Johan Fredrich Bernard and Johanna Catherine Amalia Held Kotter.

Upon finishing his meager schooling at age 14, Henrich went to work in a brickyard in a neighboring village. His parents died two years later. Henrich took charge of his five-year-old brother August, who also went to work at the brickyard carrying water for the men. Henrich was so efficient and reliable in his work that at age 17 he was sent to Denmark to manage a branch of the brickyard.

One Sunday afternoon while passing a small church, Henrich heard some singing and went in to investigate. It was his introduction to the Mormon Church, which he joined in April 1865, and to his future wife, Petrina Boserup. They were married during their journey to Utah. The couple settled in Brigham City in a one-room house with a dry-goods box as a table and their trunks for chairs.

Henrich made a living making adobe bricks. When the Co-operative was formed, Henrich was appointed superintendent of its brickyard. He also purchased a farm and successfully grew fruits and vegetables. In addition, Henrich served as a school trustee, a member of the city council, and the manager of the city’s waterworks.

After his wife died, Henrich married Wilhelmina Albertina Erickson. Henrich had 17 children. He died on June 18, 1916, after falling off a load of beet tops.


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Henrich Ludvig Kotter

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