William T. Davis

William T. Davis, Fourteenth Mayor (January 5, 1914 – January 3, 1916)

The new Carnegie Library was under construction when Davis took office and was completed one month before his term ended. The library project took a lot of the new Mayor’s attention, but he dealt with many other issues. He approved architectural plans for a new City Jail and awarded the contract for its construction to T.W. Whitaker for $3,993.50. (picture of library – and jail?)
When the new fire truck was not working as well as expected, Davis instructed the fire chief to write to Motor Car Company and report that the truck “fails to develop sufficient power and is not entirely satisfactory.”Brigham City Council Minutes.
Other action during 1915 included: levying a tax for each acre of land irrigated by water, constructing a ditch through the Tabernacle property, installing meters for electricity; and conducting an engineering survey of the cemetery.Brigham City Council Minutes.


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