Roy T. Shaw

“Infobox officeholder”
name Roy Thomas Shaw
order 24th
office Mayor of Brigham City
term_start December 31, 1936
term_end January 27, 1937
predecessor J. Wesley Horsley
successor Francis J. Law

Roy Shaw was acting Mayor of Brigham City for just one month. He was serving on the City Council when Mayor Horsley left office. Shaw was Mayor Pro Tem at the time and was asked by the Council to continue as Acting Mayor until a permanent appointment could be made for the remainder of the unexpired term.
At the January 7th City Council meeting, Mayor Shaw recommended that license fees for marble games in businesses be increased from $10 to $25 a year. This action was in response to Police Chief John M. Burt’s statement that marble games were considered games of chance and might also be considered gambling. That same evening, City officials discussed frozen pipes in the community. City Council minutes stated “Due to extremely cold weather, numerous calls have come in for Brigham City to thaw out frozen water pipes. . . It was the sense of the Council that Brigham City mount a thawing rig and give service wherever possible to those who have frozen water pipes and who request such aid.”City Council minutes.
On Jan. 21, the City Council met in a special session to choose an acting Mayor to finish Mayor Horsley’s term of office. They voted by secret ballot and gave the majority to Joseph Law. At that time Shaw resumed his seat on the Brigham City Council.


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