Olof E. Zundel

“Infobox officeholder”
name Olof Eberhart Zundel
order 33rd
office Mayor of Brigham City
term_start January 3, 1966
term_end August 16, 1973
predecessor Willis L. Hansen
successor Wayne A. Jensen

Mayor Zundel was in office when two major city facilities were constructed: the Community Center and a new City Hall. During his tenure, the city upgraded water and sewer lines and electrical service and completed more than 10 miles of curb and gutter and street upgrades through special improvement districts.
An election was held to determine whether fluoride should be put into the city’s culinary water. This proposal was approved by the citizens, and a fluoridation system was installed for $14,000.
Largely due to the recent layoffs at Thiokol, Brigham City’s unemployment when Zundel took office was almost 11%, and there were 275 newly built empty homes and 13 vacant commercial buildings. When he left office in 1973, the city’s unemployment rate was one of the lowest in Utah, all houses were filled, and 750 new homes had been built.
During Zundel’s years as Mayor, the city had eight balanced budgets and lowered the property taxes by 2 mills. No taxes were raised, although there was a small increase in cemetery fees, which he opposed. He gave credit to Brigham City’s citizens, employees, and officials for any accomplishments of his term. He said, “An elected public official can do no more than the citizens will let him do, and he should do no less than the citizens want him to do.”Family scrapbooks and histories of Olof Zundel, Bountiful, Utah.


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