N. Chris Simonsen

Nels Christian Frantz Simonsen, Seventeenth Mayor (January 2, 1922 – January 7, 1924)

N. Chris Simonsen became Mayor in 1922. While representing the Park Committee in 1917, he had presented to the City Council plans for a swimming pool at Rees Park. The pool was constructed during his tenure as Mayor and opened in the fall of 1923. In the pool’s first year of operation, 15,171 boys and girls swam in the pool.
He wrote of other highlights of his years in office: “While Mayor we put in the lights on that beautiful Christmas tree on the Court House lawn for the first time. We also paved Main Street. Free lights were installed on the front porch of every house in Brigham City, under my supervision. We also opened the Brigham City Municipal Electric Plant in 1922.”
Other accomplishments of this administration were establishing an employment office and adopting a modern accounting system at City Hall, and planting trees on Main Street.
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