Joseph M. Jenson

“Infobox officeholder”
name Joseph Moroni Jenson
order 5th
office Mayor of Brigham City
term_start March 21, 1891
term_end January 2, 1893
predecessor Adolph Madsen
successor John D. Peters

In 1891 when Joseph Jenson took office, Brigham City was in a fairly tranquil state, but one area of concern for the mayor was the need for a new water system. Looking back, Anita M. Burt wrote in a history of Brigham City:

One hundred years ago as families began settling and securing lots in Brigham City, they built homes and barns and sheds to care for horses, pigs, cows and chickens. Each family raised its own meat, grain, vegetables and fruit. Water was obtained from the open ditches for culinary as well as irrigation purposes. Refuse of all kinds was thrown into the ditches. Animals were allowed to roam the streets, and it was not uncommon to see dead animals in the streams or on the City streets in a state of decay.

The City allotted $5.25 to resident James Boden, who was hired to bury dead sheep in the canyon.
Jenson saw the need to clean up wastes from City streets and install a sanitary water and sewage system, but many residents opposed bonding for the improvement. A resolution for the project was passed, however, and a bond for $24,000 issued. The water system consisted of a reservoir with a 160,000-gallon capacity and a network of eight-inch water mains. The project was completed and water turned into the pipes on July 9, 1892. The new system was well received by the public with more than 120 people using it within two months. Mayor Jenson’s home was one of the first to have plumbing and electricity installed.
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