John W. Peters

John William Peters, Sixteenth Mayor (January 7, 1918 – January 2, 1922)

An epidemic of Spanish influenza during Mayor Peters’ first term of office required extreme precautions throughout Brigham City. He signed a resolution that gauze masks be used in all stores, offices, and public places. Extra employees were hired to strictly enforce the regulation, and violators were fined $5. The Board of Health imposed a quarantine in homes of influenza patients, and residents of such homes were required to post “Influenza” signs in conspicuous places. All public funerals and viewing the remains of people who had died of the disease were prohibited.
In his second term, Peters honored police officers for their courage and determination in their capture of a bandit in town. He instructed the City Manager to close the cemetery at 9 pm each evening because of damage by stray cattle at night. The City held a bond election in October 1920 for the issue of $200,000 in electrical bonds to fund an electric light plant. Voters approved the bonding.
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