John D. Peters

“Infobox officeholder”
name John D. Peters
order 6th
office Mayor of Brigham City
term_start January 9, 1893
term_end June 4, 1895
predecessor Joseph M. Jenson
successor William L. Wight

One of the first issues Mayor John D. Peters dealt with concerned the bell purchased the previous month and installed in the Courthouse tower. People were dissatisfied with the bell’s sound. After many attempts to correct the problem, it was decided that the bell be condemned and taken down and that the company that sold it “be notified that the bell is here subject to their order.”
Peters’ administration set salaries as follows: City Water Master, Lorenzo Pett – $25 per month; Superintendent of Waterworks, J.P. Olsen – $200 per year; and City Attorney, Brigham Jones – $150 per year.
During his years as Mayor, he instructed the marshal to prohibit shepherds from camping in the western portion of town overnight and to find a place to bury dead cattle. His administration also required livestock owners to drive their herds two blocks south of Wixom Street rather than through the center of town.
Peters arranged for irrigation water and a sprinkling wagon for watering lawns during the summer months, hired Andrew Jensen to maintain the City’s wastewater ditch for $10 for the summer season and allowed N.S Christoffersen to make adobe bricks west of his home. That same month he granted the Brigham City Electric Company a 20-year franchise for providing electricity for the community.
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