Christian Holst

Christian Holst, Eleventh Mayor (January 4, 1904 – January 6, 1908

During Mayor Holst’s first year in office, Norman Lee told the City Council that the Commercial Club had decided to sponsor a Peach Day and asked for the City’s cooperation in the festivities. The harvest celebration included a peach exhibit, a rodeo, band concerts, a ball game between Willard and North Ogden, a performance in the Tabernacle by famous singer Nannie Tout, and a ball in the Academy of Music. The most exciting event planned was a human passenger taking a ride in a gas balloon, but before it was ready to take off, the balloon caught fire and was destroyed. Everyone received free peaches and proclaimed the day a huge success.
In the November 1905 election, Mayor Holst was chosen for a second term with 581 votes. His opponent John P. Christensen received 313 votes.
Actions during the Holst administration included: installing a head gate in the canyon to measure streams in Box Elder Creek; forming a corporation of creek water users; approving funds for hanging a fire bell; and accepting a certified map of Brigham City Corporation boundaries, drawn and furnished by N.P. Anderson, City Surveyor.
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