Box Elder High School Curriculum and Academics

Mission: The mission of Box Elder High School is to “maximize student learning through quality teachers and effective instruction in a classroom environment.”
Sewing, debate, elementary agriculture, horticulture, agronomy, and animal husbandry introduced into curriculum.
Box Elder becomes a four year school. Classes added to curriculum: analytical geometry, business math, developmental math, general math, trigonometry.
Basketball games were held at the Opera House on their dance floor until now.
Class choices introduced: algebra, American history and civics, botany, chemistry, domestic science, economics, elementary agriculture, English, English history, general history, German, horticulture, physical geography, physics, physiology, plane and solid geometry, sewing, zoology
School Choir organized.
School gym completed.
First typewriters used in the school as part of curriculum.
Typing, shorthand, transcription, bookkeeping, office machines and filing, business law and general business in school.
Manual training taught. “Manual training” was later changed to industrial arts, plastics, wood, leather, lapidary, and radio.
1913 – 1917
German taught as the first foreign language in BEHS until WWI. French and Spanish replaced German.
First yearbook called The Boomerang.
Dancing was a major part of girls’ physical education along with Swedish gymnastics. The intramural program consisted of teams competing in basketball, volleyball, hit pin, badminton, and ping pong.
Short term winter agriculture classes were introduced facilitating the young boys who worked on farms.
Winter agricultural classes end because of adoption of the Compulsory Attendance Law.
Boys’ and Girls’ Glee Clubs, and High School Band organized.
Re-introduction of the football program after it was dismantled because of parent concerns on how rough the game was. In the following fifty years of football, BEHS had one fatality, Shorland Evans.
Art Club introduced, called themselves “paint slingers.”
The quarterly newspaper became the “Bee.”
Ag Club renamed and became chapter of the Future Farmers of America.
Baseball program organized.
Future Homemakers of America was founded. Courses were offered in homemaking, home living (for boys), and child care.
“The Hive” magazine starts.
School library has 6,000 books, while in its early days it had only 600.
Classes were offered in genetics, aeronautics, basic electricity, sound and lighting services.
Since the 1960s, there have been a number of changes to Box Elder High’s curriculum.
Current mission and vision: Box Elder High School will prepare all students to be productive members of society and ready for a post high school education or career. Students who are not desiring a post high school education will be prepared for a career upon graduation, whereas, those students desiring a post high school education will be rigorously prepared. Significant life skills and appropriate counseling will assist students in their ability to lead productive and satisfying lives.
In 2013-2014, BEHS offered the following: Advanced Placement (AP) programs and courses, agriculture science and technology, alternative language program (ALP), Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC) courses, business and information technology (including web page design, travel and tourism, accounting, etc.), concurrent enrollment courses (in cooperation with Utah Stat University), engineering, trade, and technology education, family and commercial science (including interior design, sports sewing, and human development), fine and performing arts, health sciences and physical education, language arts (including Spanish and German), mathematics, non-department courses (including released time (seminary), teacher aide, Latinos in action, yearbook, cheerleading, etc.), science, and social sciences.


Box Elder High School Career and College Readiness Plan and Course Descriptions – 2013-2014, March 25, 2013. 2015-2016 online
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