Grist Mill

Another “century” business had its roots in Brigham City’s oldest commercial building, the 1850s grist mill on the corner of Fourth East and Second North. Lorenzo Snow, its owner, called Mads Christian Jensen as its first miller in 1857. As the mill’s equipment became inadequate in the 1880s, a new mill was built closer to the mouth of Box Elder Canyon, and the Brigham City Roller Mills Company was formed. Then elderly, Miller Jensen did not move from the old burr mill to the new roller mill, but his sons had learned the trade and worked there. After some now forgotten disagreement near the turn of the century, the Jensen brothers left and organized their own company, now known as Big J Milling and Elevator Company, 733 West Forest.Frederick Huchel, “The Brigham City Roller Mills and Jensen Brothers Mill & Elevator Company,” (Brigham City: undated). Unpublished manuscript in possession of Big J Milling and Elevator Company.


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